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About Trio Music

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About Trio Music

We are a group of composers from around the world who got together in order to provide our partners with good quality music for the TV & Film Industry.

We like to create strong long term relationships with the libraries we partner with, becoming a reliable source of music for them, and providing all our partners with enough diversity in our compositions to satisfy their client's needs

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Tito Manzur


Tito Manzur is a Mexican Film & TV orchestral composer who focuses on emotion in order to enhance the viewer's experience, looking for the sound that will make your project standout.

He specializes in orchestral & orchestral hybrids, raging from trailers to commercials. He also has some experience scoring to picture.

He is currently working as the lead composer for a theme park based in Texas that will open its doors at the end of this year.

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Nico Rivers

United States

Nico Rivers is a Massachusetts-based composer and multi-instrumentalist for film, trailers and ads. As a composer, he harnesses the magic of sound with every tool at his disposal, sometimes employing unexpected thematic elements to create sounds and melodies - a birdcage played with a violin bow, a howling police siren, or a revving chainsaw to name a few. 


His compositions have been featured in videos by companies like M.I.T. and Frameshift IO and his voice can be heard in ads from McDonalds, Callaway and on Netflix. With early musical influences like Black Sabbath, Tool and Pink Floyd and a love for Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer, Nico's specialties are unique sounds, cinematic rock and dark hybrid cues.

TV/Film & Trailer

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Watson Parker

United States

Watson Parker is an American composer of music for trailers, film & television. He has had a lifelong passion creating original and captivating sounds that are designed for the cinema. 

He is a versatile multi-instrumentalist, experienced in the art of piano, trumpet, guitar and vocals. He's written for and collaborated with several bands, singers and songwriters.”

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Hans York


As a recording artist, he released 8 albums with original songs ranging in style from Singer-Songwriter to Pop/Jazz/Blues/Bossa Nova,  which I presented in more than 4000 shows over many years on tour in the US and Europe.

He has produced recordings by many artists from Europe and the US ranging from Jazz, Blues, Pop to Singer-Songwriter. In his native Germany, he composed and produced music for the TV Series “Siebenstein.” Since he stopped touring in 2015, he has been producing music for TV, Film and Advertising.

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Rolf Schild


Rolf Schild is an experienced composer/producer from Germany, he started to compose music in 1976 after founding his first band, Rolf has been composing ever since.

Influenced by the orchestral and fusion bands from the 70's and by his education on classical guitar, his music comprises a huge variety of genres and styles.

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Patrick Rydman


Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, he has written and produced for indie artists, stage, radio, movies and computer games. Besides touring the world-singing and playing everything from rock, soul and pop folk, jazz and chansons- he has recently written a stage musical for Malmo Opera, worked with Paradox Interactive, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra (GSO), SR (Swedish Radio Corporation) and Gothenburgh City Theater.

He is also known as Moonscape. 

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