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Three composers from around the world collaborate to produce music for sync licensing.

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Tito Manzur


Tito Manzur is a Mexican Film & TV orchestral composer who focuses on emotion in order to enhance the viewer's experience, looking for the sound that will make your project standout.

His genre of choice is orchestral & orchestral hybrids. He is also experienced in scoring to picture.

Three composers, three styles, who can work on a tight schedule in order to deliver good quality music for your project.

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Watson Parker

United States

Watson Parker is an American composer of music for trailers, film & television. He has had a lifelong passion creating original and captivating sounds that are designed for the cinema. 

He is a versatile multi-instrumentalist, experienced in the art of piano, trumpet, guitar and vocals. He's written for and collaborated with several bands, singers and songwriters.”

Rolf Schild


Rolf Schild is an experienced composer/producer from Germany, he started to compose music in 1976 after founding his first band, Rolf has been composing ever since.

Influenced by the orchestral and fusion bands from the 70's and by his education on classical guitar, his music comprises a huge variety of genres and styles.

Happy Uke, Minimal happy cues for advertising.



This album is available for exclusive licensing

Our Work

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This album is no longer available for exclusive licensing


Resemblance is a collection of recomposed classical pieces in the modern trailer style of Trio Music composers to be used in the TV & Film Industry.

This album is available for exclusive licensing

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Depths of Tension is comprised of minimal tension cues used by the TV & Film Industry enhancing the viewer's experience.

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